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Kinky Locs Bomb Twist Kinky Twist
Kinky Locs
Our Price: $15.95
Bomb Twist
Our Price: $11.99
Kinky Twist
Our Price: $11.99

Eon Natural Kinky Locs / Kadi Natural Kinky Locs. Natural hairstyle at its best. Looks and feels as your very own. Stays tight to allow you for all water sports and activities. Excellent for Dread-Locs. Perfect style for 'going natural'.

Eon Natural Bomb Twist / Kadi Natural Bomb Twsit. Bomb Twist is the new name of the Nubian Natural.

The Bomb Twist is a fun and creative braiding style that uses neat twists together in a natural curl pattern...

Eon Natural Kinky Twist / Kadi Natural Kinky Twsit. Among all other twist styles, EON Natural holds its pride in creating Kinky Twist. EON's Kinky Twist is only Kinky Twist hair that is made with Acrylic based fiber and NOT the Polyproprine(Plastic) base fiber.

Nubi-Nubi Fluffy Twist Crochet Needle - Knot S - Curl 4 crochet braiding
Our Price: $11.99
Fluffy Twist
Our Price: $11.99

Eon Natural Nubi-Nubi / Kadi Natural Nubi-Nubi. Soft and Bouncy. Elegance, character and originality. Great transitional hairstyle, going from relaxed to natural. Hair is on the track only for transport. It is not intended for weaving. You must cut the hair from the track and twist hair onto your own hair. About 2 packs of hair will complete the style.

Eon Natural Fluffy Twist / Kadi Natural Fluffy Twsit. Big and bouncy, extreamly soft fibers. Creating expressions of revival mode with the image of natural and sexy looking. Perfect style for 'going natural'. Hair is on the track only for the purpose of transport, and it is not for weaving. Cut hair from the track before twist onto your hair. About 2 packs to complete style.

Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.1 x 1.8 inches

$1.99 per needle

Weight: 25 gr

Availability: Usually ships in 24 hours.