Fashion Magnet Makeup Brush Real Hair Set

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Black gold design, high-end fashion
Good material, not easy to break
Complete tools, one set to deal with multiple situations

Beauty tool classification: makeup brush
Color classification: 11 magnet bare brush, brush + iron frame + iron plate, brush + iron frame + iron sheet + 12 hole PU brush pack, brush + iron frame + iron sheet + 10 hole PU brush pack
Shelf life: 6 years
Beauty Tools Category: Face
Brush handle type: long rod
Material: wool/pony hair/fiber hair + aluminum mouth tube + wooden brush handle

Package Content:
large loose powder brush, round head blush brush, tongue-shaped foundation brush, flame highlighter brush, flame nose shadow brush, large eye shadow brush, medium eye shadow brush, flat head concealer brush, round head smudge brush, detail halo Dyeing brush, flat head lip brush