Jojo- Extra Large Double Layer Reversible Adjustable Satin Cap for Sleeping Hair Silk Bonnet (A2cfashion)

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Satin Sleeping cap

🥰Top Grade Satin Fabric, Super Soft, Smooth, Lightweight,
🥰Breathable and Skin-friendly; Super Large Room Fit any Heads and Hair.
🥰No Fading
Uv resistance
Good moisture absorption and release
Sound absorption, dust absorption, heat resistance
Protect fragile hair
Our elastic band provides proper hold throughout the night.
An adjustable drawstring makes it comfortable and stay on.
Moisturize your hair while you sleep at night
Our satin bonnets are double sided and provide protection for your hair.
It locks in moisture, prevents split ends, and reduces breakage
Keep curly hair intact and reduce roughness
A2cfashion Hair Bonnets provide a double-layer of protection throughout the night allowing for moisture to be retained better. With a regular bonnet, there is one layer of satin which lets moisture escape from the hair due to constant friction (cotton pillows dry out the hair). By wearing one of our bonnets, the second layer acts as a barrier between your hair and the pillowcase locking in moisture better. An important step in healthy hair growth is allowing the hair to retain moisture, not just during the day but at night too. With our bonnets you can have a goodnight’s rest knowing your hair is protected from damaging surfaces. Other benefits of wearing satin to protect the hair are it decreases tangling and frizzing, maintains protective styles, and prevents split ends. Healthy hair is the most important and to get there we have to start with proper care and maintenance!

Hand wash or machine wash on delicate settings with light detergent. Let air dry. Cool iron if necessary.

Better Silk, Better Life. Thanks For Your Purchase!

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